On this week's episode of the Kubelist Podcast, Benjie and I had some time to talk to Miguel Ángel Ajo and Stephen Kitt of Red Hat. Submariner is all about multicluster networking. We love this project and think it's solving problems that are becoming more and more obvious as Kubernetes adoption increases. This week, we are sharing some Submariner links and tutorials to learn more!

Issue #136

Starting out this week, let’s share a link to the Submariner project. It’s not a CNI, but it’s a layer that connects your clusters together. If you are trying to think about multi-cloud and getting more reliability and resiliency in your cluster, this is a good tool in the toolbelt. The podcast this week dives into this and many other use cases so make sure to check it out.

Yes, Rancher created Submariner originally, but it’s now a CNCF project. This is the original announcement from 2019 that explains why Submariner was created and what the goals were. It’s great that we can look at this now and realize how close the actual project maps to their ambitious goals from a couple of years ago. 🗺

On the podcast, we discussed the kubefed project. Federating multiple clusters to control them through a single API is an important part of “going multi-cluster”. Submariner is the networking layer to really make this multi-cluster vision work and understanding federation in k8s land is critical to using it! 🧮

A good post from our friends at Tigera about how Submariner works with Calico as the CNI. If the discussion and explanation of the project seems too high-level, this is a great article that helps us dive in and follow the step-by-step tutorial. In the end, you’ll have a multi-cluster setup with secure, multi-cluster networking, the stuff devops dreams/nightmares are made of. 🌚

Here’s an explanation of how Submariner works to enable multi-cloud. We think that the concept of multi-cloud makes sense and it’s a really popular, but still aspirational goal for many organizations. It doesn’t have to be hard, check out this tutorial and post to see how Submariner makes it easy. ☁️☁️

It’s a complex topic, explained in 60 seconds. This is a great idea and it’s a lot of information. While we still think you should listen to this week's podcast, this is only a single minute of your time, and likely contains answers to most of your questions.

It’s Kubernetes 1.22 release day today! If you are eagerly waiting for this one, you probably already know what to look out for. But if this hasn’t crossed your radar yet, check out this great list of deprecations and removals to know about.