Newest Sandbox Additions!

It’s that time again when the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) met and voted to include some new projects into the CNCF Sandbox. We are super excited to learn about these projects, and share some of them with you this week. It looks like we have some podcasts to record to dig deeper into each of these projects soon!

Issue #132

Pixie is one of the projects that I’m most excited about from this batch. Because they are using eBPF, you can get some pretty useful metrics without modifying your code. Most of us run 3rd party software in our clusters, and if you happen to have something that’s not instrumented well, check out Pixie. There’s a lot more than just metrics here, and I’m excited to dig in and play around with this project. 🧑🏼‍🚀

A service mesh manager to help you adopt and manage one or more service meshes in your cluster. There’s a lot of acronyms on the Overview page, but it’s worth getting through. Service meshes have a reputation of requiring some expertise to manage, and Meshery appears to be making them easy to operate! 🕸

A new highly available load balancer that looks to work both inside and outside of a cluster. The inspiration for this project seems to have come from the classic struggles of building a HA cluster on bare metal. We are excited to see more work happening to bring reusable and open components into the networking layer! 🐙

KubeVela is another application layer abstraction that uses the OAM (Open Application Model) to manage an application, not just a pod or a service. What’s super cool is that they’ve also built around CUE for configuration management. ⛵️

This project is bringing us a new format, SMP, to interact with and test service meshes. SMP is used today by the Meshery project (see above) but is open to and adoptable by others. This passes the smell test and seems like a great idea. We will be watching the SMP format and service mesh space to look for more adoption! 📈

Congrats to the ArtifactHub team in shipping 1.0!