Spooky 13th edition 👻

Welcome to the spooky 13th issue of kubelist! The kubelist editorial team is still getting over their jet lag after returning from Copenhagen, so they are taking it easy this week, and presenting you with a selection of their favorite talks from KubeCon / CloudNativeCon EU.

We hope you find these videos as enjoyable as smørrebrød and dild akvavit.

Issue #13

The kubelist editors love a good migration story, and there were plenty of good ones at KubeCon EU. Sarah Wells told one of the best in this keynote, including a bespoke container management platform. We've all been there!

Tim Allclair dives deep into the current state of secure/sandboxed pods in Kubernetes. Cats, birds, and cages are a recurring theme throughout the talk. Could one of them be Tim's Rosebud?

In this keynote, Oliver Beattie runs us through an outage Monzo Bank experienced. It's like America's Funniest Home Videos, but the rake is software version incompatibilities, the man getting hit is Monzo's cluster, and the goat standing there, mouth agape, is the customer.

As gophers, the kubelist editors were irresistibly drawn to Dave Cheney's talk. This is a good glimpse into what makes envoy so special, and why it is becoming so pervasive.

The award for most four letter acronyms in a talk goes to Thomas Graf, who shows just how kernel space can make sidecar proxies even faster, and may expand their usability in the future. Try to keep from spilling your drink when he talks about using kTLS to transparently delay encryption.

Tweet of the Week

It's pronounced cube are eye ess.