Newsletters and Podcasts 📬

We’ve decided to go a little meta this week with the topic. Instead of diving into a specific area of Kubernetes or the CNCF projects, let’s take a minute to look at some of the other great newsletters and podcasts out there. We know how much work and how fun it is to produce a weekly show or newsletter, and every one of the resources on this list is just amazing. We are really proud of our own Kubelist Podcast and this weekly newsletter, but subscribe and listen to these also:

Issue #119

The original Kubernetes podcast which has been operating for a long time (over 140 weekly episodes, you can do the math). Founded and originally hosted by two Googlers who have been in the K8s ecosystem for a while, Craig Box and Adam Glick. Starting this year, it’s just Craig though, Adam has moved on from Google. This podcast always has the best interviews, and is fun to listen to. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to the news at the start of the episode and not learned of a new tool that I needed in my toolbox. 🧰

It’s hard to start a podcast, but Dan is doing it. The pace and quality of each episode is amazing, and season 3 is proving to be even better. I’ve had Dan on the Kubelist podcast before to talk about Falco. He’s an engaging and knowledgeable speaker. The podcast is an opportunity to listen to Dan talk about a wide variety of topics. 💥

Devopsish is a weekly newsletter about all things devops from Chris Short. Chris is a CNCF Ambassador who is active in the community. You aren’t going to get just Kubernetes and CNCF content here. You’ll get exposed to the entire ecosystem: from software supply chain, latest issues with infrastructure providers, and more. This is probably the most relevant source of information you can get if your job title has anything to do with the term “devops”. ♾

KubeWeekly is a wonderful weekly newsletter about the Kubernetes and CNCF ecosystem. This weekly newsletter is curated by some well known and respected people, many of whom are authors of their own newsletters or podcasts. This newsletter is all about the community and is focused on sharing great blog posts, videos, and events related to Kubernetes, CNCF projects, and anything else cloud-native. 🌤

LWKD isn’t about the ecosystem or projects; this is a weekly newsletter focused on activity in the Kubernetes project. If you want to stay on top of changes that are happening today in the k/k repo or other related repos, LWKD is a weekly feed of the highlights. Sometimes the PRs can get a little verbose with conversation – and this is a wonderful, human-curated summary of the activity. 🗞

Ok, so this one isn’t definitively about Kubernetes. It's about the Go programming language, and therefore, frequently about Kubernetes. Recent episodes have featured the CUE language, code generation, and proposals to the Go programming language. If you’re a developer working in the Kubernetes ecosystem, you likely write some Go, and this is a great podcast. BONUS: Watch them record live on Tuesdays at 3pm EST! 🚦

When you set up Kubernetes to host your personal blog. Really happy that blogs and Kubernetes make good jokes!