Podcasts 🎙

We have exciting news to share today! In addition to the Kubelist weekly newsletter, we’ve started the Kubelist podcast! We’ve been enjoying sending you the Kubelist weekly newsletter (and that’s not stopping), but we wanted a way to go more in-depth on the CNCF ecosystem projects. The Kubelist podcast interviews maintainers of a CNCF project on each episode to discuss the origins and roadmap of the project. Each episode is a deep dive into a single project.

Give it a listen (and subscribe!). And while you are here, check out some of our other favorite podcasts!

Issue #102

Exploring the ever-evolving ecosystem of Kubernetes, SIGS, and the CNCF through interviews with the developers and project managers responsible for sandbox, incubating and graduated projects and technologies. Hosted by Replicated CTO, Marc Campbell (thats me, @mccode).

While not specifically about Kubernetes or CNCF projects, EnterpriseReady is a relevant podcast discussing how to build amazing enterprise software. Grant Miller hosts interviews with engineering and product leaders from various orgs and the conversation is always inspiring. If you are involved in shipping enterprise software, subscribe to EnterpriseReady and you’ll enjoy each episode. 🏢

This is the original Kubernetes podcast, now at 122 weekly episodes recorded over the past few years. At the start of each episode, Craig and Adam share the “weekly news” which is an amazing collection of new product launches, features shipped by cloud providers, and everything else that’s changing in the Kubernetes ecosystem. If you want to be plugged into the latest news, give this one a listen. 🤖

Dan “POP” is the Field CTO at Sysdig and has created a great podcast talking with technology leaders at various organizations. It’s not specifically dedicated to the CNCF, but recent guests include some of the big names in the space. Each of these episodes is worth listening to, and we are excited to listen to more! 💥

The Software Engineering Daily is one of the best podcasts discussing anything related to the art of software development. This is a daily podcast of really good conversations. Each project and interview is highly interesting, and if you need a way to start your morning (or want a regular podcast while commuting or exercising) subscribe and listen. 💻

The K Files Podcast discusses a new topic from the Kubernetes ecosystem on each episode. The last couple episodes have been about service meshes, but before that the podcast focused on GitOps and Open Policy Agent. If you are looking for a Kubernetes-ecosystem podcast to subscribe to (in addition to the Kubelist podcast 😉) try out K Files.

It’s amazing that the CNCF published this transparency report from the most recent KubeCon. Congrats to the entire team and thank you for your dedication to diversity and inclusion. 📈📊